Dennis Driscoll

Welcome to my site! I'm Dennis Driscoll. For more than 40 years, I've been arranging songs for barbershop quartets and choruses, as well as other a cappella performing groups. Here you will find a current listing of all of my four-part arrangements, with detailed descriptions and ordering information for each.

During my time as an arranger in the Barbershop Harmony Society, I have become known for turning out fun arrangements with stackable chords and voice leading that is very singable. I've had numerous arrangements directly published by the Society, and have many others that I distribute directly. Contact me today if you have questions about an existing or custom arrangement!

Categories of Arrangement

In my arrangements section you can view descriptions of the charts themselves and information on how to order them. They are grouped according to categories:

Or you can just peruse my entire list and select an arrangement for your quartet or chorus. If you have questions about any of the charts, or want to contact me for a custom arrangement, please visit my contact page.

Thanks for visiting!